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Fresh India Show 2024
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In the recent times, primarily in India, the per capita consumption of different Fruits & Vegetables has increased between 15-25% and the import and demand of fresh produce, frozen, cut & packed products and beverages has also gone up. According to trade sources, the supply of F&V products will be rising further keeping in view its nutritional values. Consequently, Indian growers have been buying more planting materials of fresh produces like Banana, Strawberry, Blueberry, Citrus fruits, etc. to cater to the rising demand. Investments from major corporate and big growers in hi-tech greenhouses & hydroponic projects are adding value to the horticulture industry in India, in terms of commercialization.

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Discovering Fresh Funding Opportu-nities in an Evolving Economic Environment.

Mitigating the Effects of the Energy Crisis through Efficiency Measures and Alternative Solutions.

Advancing Automation to Enhance Food Production and Decrease Operational Expenses.

Harmonizing the Nexus of Biology and Technology to Optimize Crop Growth and Financial Viability in the Food Industry.

Unleashing the Power of Plant Genetics to Cultivate the Seeds of Prosperity in the Food Sector.

Expanding Profit Margins through Innovative Product Development from Field to Shelf in the Food Industry.

Unveiling the Worldwide Prospects of Indoor Farming and Identifying Emerging Regional Hubs in the Food Sector.

Advocating for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) as an Essential Component of the Food Security Solution.

Establishing Sector Norms to Foster Trust and Articulate the Advantages of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) in the Food Industry.

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