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Fresh India Show 2024
Gateway to the Biggest Fresh Fruit, Vegetable, Horticulture and Food Retail Market...INDIA

The per capita consumption of different Fruits & Vegetables has increased between 15-25% and the import and demand of fresh produce, frozen, cut & packed products and beverages has also gone up. According to trade sources, the supply of F&V products will be rising further keeping in view its nutritional values. Consequently, Indian growers have been buying more planting materials of fresh produces like Banana, Strawberry, Blueberry, Citrus fruits, etc. to cater to the rising demand. Investments from major corporate and big growers in hi-tech greenhouses & hydroponic projects are adding value to the horticulture industry in India, in terms of commercialization. Considering the significance of this rising sector, Media Today Group is pleased to organize the “6th Fresh India Show 2024 (FIS 2024)” to be held on 1st – 2nd March 2024 in Nashik, Maharashtra, India and visit to Sahyadri Farms – India’s Largest Integrated Horticulture Project in Nashik.

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  • Global Fresh Produce Trade – in 2030
  • Indian Government Initiatives and Potential in Overseas Markets
  • Understanding Indian Market Trends
  • Emerging New Crops and Demand
  • Roll of Aggregators & AgStartups
  • Investment in Supply Chain, Storage and Retailing
  • Fresh Cut & Packed Convenience Foods – Growth Story
  • Frozen Food Production and Export Dynamics
  • Innovative Technologies for Horticulture Growers
  • Success Stories and New Models to Adopt
  • Trade Promotions Organizations and its impact on South Asian Markets
  • Update on current happenings around the markets
  • Educate yourself about new products and global supply chain ecosystem
  • Discover future trends and adopt new products & technologies
  • Discuss the key areas and opportunities within the Asian markets
  • Understand the business fluctuations in the fresh produce Industry
  • Explore opportunities in emerging markets in domestic and exports
  • Know domestic production & consumption patterns
  • Chance to meet decision makers in government departments
  • Opportunity to meet business leaders personally and establish connections
  • Enormous networking opportunities with key players around the world
Nitin Verma
Babette Desfossez
Natalia Bammatova
Marcela Zuniga
Amit Lohani
Azhar Pathan
Bharat Bhojane
Amyn Pirani
Yogesh Kedari
Sumit Saran
Tushar Karande
Shubham Patil