Good News for Fresh Produce Industry - Haygrove Growing Systems To Launch Innovative Solutions For F&V Growers.

Born of the berry growing industry over 30 years ago, Haygrove supply polytunnels, poly-greenhouses and substrate gutter systems to the best growers of over 30 crops in more than 50 countries around the world, as well as growing berries and cherries on farms in the UK, South Africa, Portugal and China.

Haygrove’s versatile product range has been specifically engineered with tomorrow in mind. Strength, ease of management and a superior agronomic environment allow growers to reduce labour requirements, extend cropping seasons and optimise yield and quality.

Innovative polytunnel designs reduce set-up and operational costs, including for skinning, venting, climate control and picking. Intelligent, cost-effective automation allows you to invest in smaller teams – mitigating the rising cost and scarcity of quality labour. Combining practical polytunnel infrastructure with a reduced payroll requirement to optimise the growing environment results in growers maximising their profit.

At Haygrove Growing Systems, we understand that every geography, and every crop, requires specialist knowledge to achieve the best possible growing environment at the lowest cost. With our expansive range of products and expertise, we work collaboratively with each of our customers to cultivate their potential, for the long term”, told a senior member of team of ‘Haygrove Growing Systems’.  

The company will be going to focus on supplying advance greenhouses for all kinds of fruits and vegetables in India and neighbouring countries.

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