Celebrating the success along with Fresh Produce Industry

Learn. Interact. Share

A proven platform for building the business networks, Fresh India Show 2020 is backed again with an exclusive agenda, collectively with its three segments, i.e., Fresh India Exhibition, International Conference and Networking Meet. An event aimed at strengthening the F&V industry in India consequently improving the way of agri-businesses and per capita availability, consumption and demand. Fresh India Show enhances the outlook of the industry through an engaging programme of panel discussions, workshops, buyer-seller meetings and networking opportunities during the event.

Fresh India show is among one of our annual must-attend events and expo event for India's fresh fruit and vegetable business including the cold chain Industry. This event is exclusively designed, customised and bundled with opportunities to see, learn, do and explore. As per the fresh Industry experts, our event is among one of the emerging platform for expanding your business connections and helping you stay ahead in this exciting market i.e. India.

Our vision during this mega event would be to attract more than 400+ decision makers from across borders including the producers, wholesalers, logistics importers, and exporters, retailers including cold-chain & supporting industries. This will connect more than dozens of nations together providing a unique opportunity of exhibiting the complete range of their products and services highlighting the key changes happening in world markets. It will be an exclusive platform which makes you understand the newest trends & best practices in production, supply, marketing, technology and consumer behaviour and demands.

During this event India Fresh produce industry leaders will help you to understand and measure those changes to take business decisions will offer opportunities to expand your businesses globally. Fresh produce Industry is thriving and we invite you to join the initiative of these vibrant sectors to be a part of this exciting journey.


  • The Global fresh Industry matrix and Global outlook 2025
  • Measuring the Positive Changes in Consumer Demand Amid Pandemic
  • Status of Frozen Food Production and Domestic Consumption Trends
  • Exploring Overseas Markets through Government Initiatives
  • Emerging New Crops and Its Production Status
  • Impact of Modern Retail Enterprise and Online Deliveries
  • Global Technologies to Increase the F&V Production - Success Stories
  • Introduction of the Innovative Products and their Demand and Supply
  • Role of Farmer Producers Organisations and their Success Models
  • Fresh Cut and Packed – Ready to Serve Businesses and Consumer Response
  • Agri Finance to Build more Assets & Expansions


  • Update on current happenings around the markets
  • Educate yourself about new products - within the whole supply chain ecosystem
  • Discover future trends and adopt new progressive techniques and technologies
  • Discuss the key areas of strength and opportunities within the Asian markets
  • Understand the factors underlying business fluctuations in the fresh produce Industry
  • Explore exciting opportunities in emerging markets and upcoming sectors
  • Know domestic products & consumption patterns
  • Chance to meet decision makers in government departments
  • Opportunity to meet business leaders personally and establish connections.
  • Enormous networking opportunities with key and niche players around the world


  • Growers
  • Importers
  • Associations
  • Cold - chains
  • Bulk Buyers
  • Distributors
  • Exporters
  • Logistics
  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers
  • Govt. Authorities
  • FPO’s

Exhibitor Profile

  • Fresh Fruit & Vegetable growers
  • Horticulture Traders
  • Agri exporters, importers
  • Organic produces
  • Retailers & Aggregators
  • Greenhouse & Hydroponics Consultants
  • Agri biotechnology
  • Precision farming products supplier
  • Storage equipment & packing solutions
  • Central & States Government departments
  • Plastic trays & containers
  • Fruit & vegetables seeds & seedlings
  • Financial institutions/Bank
  • Process & packaging technology
  • Grading & sorting machinery
  • Wrapping, sealing & lamination equipment
  • Elevator and conveyors
  • Cold - chain equipment, Machinery & services
  • Cold room & Refrigeration appliances
  • Perishable cargo handling
  • Support Services